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Udemy Course "The Photon Belt" - Completing Karmic Cycles 🕸️💙🌺


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I am on the spiritual path and I know that the number one rule says that “equal attracts equal”. This means that we must always take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, emotions, words, and actions.

Before we can transmute the energy, we must first feel the feeling hidden within the challenge or block, the e-motion (energy-in-motion) that is dynamically holding that old pattern in place. Then, we must arrive at the point of acceptance to integrate that underlying limitation, the hidden belief that we must let go of, or the old commitment we used to identify with.

The next step is that we must surrender so that the old personality or Ego crumbles and we can expand our view of the world. This short course intends to change our mindset to achieve liberation from diets. The process is one of evolution and of increased consciousness; it can’t be rushed and nobody can save you.

As the conductor of your energy system, you must decide at one time or another which instrument is playing out of tune and make the corresponding decision to do something about it. And it is never too late to start!”


1. Introduction to the Course

2. A Spiritual Perspective of our Nutritional Needs

3. Emotional Connection to Food and the Balance of Self-Love

4. Integrating Emotions and Energy Downloads

5. Completing Karmic Cycles

6. Conclusion

What our body does is to match or mirror the vibration of our general frequency. For us to understand the lessons still pending to be completed, our body becomes our his-tory, and so we can work with the body according to its prompts – how we feel at a given moment.

When we perceive what we do as wrong, we get locked in a vicious circle of lowering our vibration via self-judgment and self-blame, which in turn continues to draw us to those foodstuffs that we are trying to avoid in the first place.

We can see how someone who may not even be present in our life can have so much power over us – because we are trapped in that moment when we gave our power away! But it is not just in our mind…

To your body, your soul, it is very real indeed. And it needs dealing with before it can be released and healed.

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