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Welcome to “The Hidden Gift” – Introduction

Have you ever had a feeling of not being on the right path, of not following your soul burning desires? Do you feel you have to accept society’s rules and regulations without having a chance to say what you really think about it, or do you get the feeling that, even if you do say what you feel, you don’t really get heard, nobody seems to listen anyway?

As we decide to tackle our limited beliefs and negative thought-forms, we start the process of integrating our shadow, which is an attempt to include the subconscious part of our personality that we don’t recognise as our own.

“The Hidden Gift” is a program of personal development, an E-book and an audio visual course.

You can watch and/or read the material, video-presentations and written exercises in the book in order to start shaping the direction of your desired future.

The exercises in this course are designed to be done at home as you take time to reflect, consider, meditate and investigate them. You will align yourself with a more holistic vision of yourself, and will trigger your own advice, guidance, direction and healed perspective of your life.




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“The Hidden Gift: Developing Your Full Potential”

Book (Soft Cover – ISBN: 9781726767545)

Book (Hard Cover – ISBN: 9798831172935)

“All through our lives we are conditioned by the people and institutions around us to fit the Status Quo. In order to be accepted by others, we develop masks which conceal the person Who We Really Are and somehow manage to lose ourselves in the busy and frantic process of living! The resulting loss of centre brings the feeling of being pulled in all directions by external circumstances, which limits our chances to achieve our true potential. But I believe that every individual has a Hidden Gift, a special talent which makes us unique and which needs to be shared with the world. Finding helps us realize that we really count and that we can really make a difference”

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