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Wolf Moon of the 28/1/2021

Thursday night 28th January 2021 is the first full moon of the year and one so called Wolf Moon as per the original Native American culture.

They believed that it was a special time in winter when the wolves howled strongly because they were hungry. But today it is known that howling is a sign of communication.

Just a week ago I completed the series of articles on a what I called Shamanic Healing and which was a transitional time through the very strong planetary conjunctions of the last couple of months of 2020, which I called an energetic portal (or opening because that is what it felt like).

I always say that when we undergo a healing process, our bodies liberate energy that was previously engaged in holding onto a pattern that could only be released when the body’s frequencues align with that of our consciousness.

After the removal of my infected root canal back tooth and its covering crown, I was hoping to see proof of my theory. I had been working to get to this culminating point for a few years, persistently and consistently following a lead as I couldn’t let go of the feeling that I was trapped in a loop and I was working towards my emotional freedom.

Many of us don’t even realise that we live in self-imposed prisons created from misunderstanding a life that was presented to us as we get locked into an emotional environment that we perceive somehow oppressive, but from which we can’t break away or overcome until we grow in awareness.

A week later I went to my EMS (Electric Muscular Stimulation) session and to our surprise, my readings went up a 10% – from 34% to 44%. My trainer was really excited because it had taken me 2 years to get to 34% so she told me that to grow so strong in such a short time was quite remarkable.

The second thing that happened is that I noticed my nails growing strong, long and shiny for the firs time in many years. I had been taking a calcium tablet for a few months but two of my nails kept breaking and had ridges, so I had to keep them short.

I also started to do stretching exercises in the morning and going to the gym. I had wanted to do exercise for a long time but I didn’t seem to gather the energy. But now my body seemed to want to move as I went back to a pre-lockdown rhythm, or even better because I somehow had integrated organically all the new circumstances and changes that started early in 2020 and which offered me healing and emotional freedom.

In my case, the trigger point had been my health but it can also be anything equally toxic in our lives, be it a relationship, job, addiction, mindset, attitude… Anything that holds us back, preventing us from expanding into a brighter future.

On another subject but on the same line, that week I was putting an inspirational quote in my Instagram account and suddenly my eye caught on a hashtag and I realized that I should use them more efficiently. At that moment, as I was posting some new quotes with the expanded hashtags, I saw that dozens of new people were liking my posts in real time! The healing shift was manifesting all around!

Finally, I also had a shift regarding my spiritual quotes:  so far I was using them as a story-teller tool, a way to mix words and pictures in patterns that tell short stories. Now, I saw I could write a short, punchy line to inspire and ignite.

So as I went to the gym and was exercising in the outside yard, there was a Myna black bird chirping on a branch above my head. I looked up because it was so loud and I smiled: it was moving quite vigorously on the branch and seeds were falling all around me.

Mynas and all the other black birds are very intelligent and can be trained to talk basic sounds and syllables. Yet again, the Universe was talking quite loudly about the subject of communication.

The feeling I got was that my quotes are a tool of communication in a new way: there are million places where you can post a quote. A second feeling I got was that the new rhythm doing exercise, knitting or writing effortlessly, with more energy that I had in a long time… simply felt like “home”.

Life had given me lemons and I had started to make lemonade: not only people were liking my posts in bigger numbers but they were also talking back to me in the comment box. A two-way communication channel seemed to have opened up.

And there was a point of abundance: ideas, impressions, subtle whispers quickly passing by that I would catch in thin air and crystallise them into a quote – a specific set of words put together in a specific pattern (if I don’t write them exactly as I receive and try to change the order of the words, I lose the thread of the quote) against a coloured background, creating a tiny piece of art, a small seed of consciousness that can potentially grow in many places at once.

But most of all, I felt that I had tapped onto a giving and receiving, two-way communication flow that takes place when you put your gifts out into the world without impediment and you receive the response of the universe in return saying to you: “You found the alignment you had been looking for”.

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