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Working with Chi and Breath

I was going for my morning walk this beautiful autumn day and thoughts started to align themselves along with the docking, focused motion of my feet, resonating with the electromagnetic energies of the earth as I was walking and integrating thoughts with every step.

The last full moon was tough but efficient in helping us release old energies. I realised that over the last couple of decades I was busy integrating fire (spiritual energy / kundalini), water (emotions) and earth (through exercise and movement). Now is the time for air (breath and chi in the shape of Qigong, Yoga and meridian tracing).

As I was walking, a neighbor downstairs was repairing a bicycle with his 11-year-old son. He asked me how I was keeping and I said marvelously. He said "this is tough on the children" and I said - life brings you stages and you need to face them as learning adventures. Within the parameters of what life offers you, "you make your home" - you reprogram and transform yourself to the best of your ability. You release activities and beliefs that no longer fit and you take the opportunity to make your life anew.

At this moment, an eagle of almost 2-metre wing-span flew about 5 metres distance in my direction against the shape of the circle of the sun and stopped at the tree a couple of metres away from us. They couldn't believe it! The man said "my hairs are on end!" and you could see the marvel in the child's face.

I told these people "Eagle is the utmost healer of the animal world. I take this as confirmation that what I am saying is correct".

Article from my Book: “Tales of a Modern Alchemist: Real Life Stories of Magic and Transmutation"



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