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10 Magical “Switch Words” to Change Your Life 💖✨🦋🌟

Access the magic of “Switch Words” by chanting, writing, meditating, thinking, whispering these words. They will bypass your conscious control and will access your subconscious mind directly.

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An open forum for discussions on personal development, advanced spirituality, metaphysics, healing, vibrational energy, emotional intelligence and Increase strategies to succeed.

YouTube channel: Stargate Institute of Integration of Consciousness

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YouTube channel: Journey of a Spiritual Traveler – Spiritual Education Made Fun

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UDEMY INSTRUCTOR Metaphysical Author, Consciousness Coach Personal Development Courses and Languages Tutor – Polyglot


Awesound (audio courses, audio books, podcasts). Link:

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Real stories from Dr Ana’s life, written from a spiritual perspective and extracted from her books published on Amazon on the topics of metaphysics, spirituality, vibrational healing, energy, emotional intelligence, self-help, personal development, alchemy and strategies for success.


LinkedIn group “The Biz of Energy”. Link:

So please, feel free to browse, subscribe, join or contribute and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Stargate Institute of Integration of Consciousness

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