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10 Tips to Master Destiny


We live in hectic times: life passes us by so fast, right in front of our eyes, that it feels as if our destiny runs away from us. We feel out of control and at the mercy of the waves of universal energies, just like a little dinghy in stormy waters. But if you focus your attention consciously on the following points, over a period of time you will feel as if you are actually a co-creator with your own destiny – your life will simplify and become more harmonious.

  1. Feel the love in the moment – make a point of focusing on the activity you are doing 100% – be fully present to catch the inspiration or the gift of the present moment. Don’t fall for the trap of “multitasking” thinking that you can split your energy and achieve everything accurately at the same time. It is an illusion and it will only force you to do the same thing twice, or more!

  2. Create time to snooze, day-dream, do little… or better still, do nothing! Even if it is 15 seconds or one minute to reconnect – have a coffee or your favourite drink, ponder, widen your horizon, look far in the distance, reach out for the expansion of a relaxed gaze. Give yourself the benefit of tapping into possibilities that you never knew that existed for you and be brave enough to step into the adventure of the unknown – we think it is scary but it is actually exciting and exhilarating.

  3. Don’t do any activities without a larger purpose – don’t get buried in “things to do” – Stop to see whether something really has to be done and does it have to be done at that very moment, can it be delegated or postponed, can you let go of it completely. Think whether you do it to overcompensate for a lack inside of yourself: do you need to prove something, do you want to make a point, do you want to put someone right… or does it fit into your bigger scheme in resonance with an energy of inner peace or harmony? If the answer robs you from your inner peace, then the activity won’t solve any of your problems. If the answer feels happy, then go ahead and enjoy doing it fully.

  4. Do less, speak less – create the silence to attract more clarity. Keep your dreams alive by “feeding them” with your consciousness, build them strongly in your mind. See the possibilities and like someone who goes on a trip, enjoy “seeing” the vision coming to you fuller and fuller. Enjoy the details and the feelings, maybe even draw them on paper – they are real even if they are only in your mind. Your mind doesn’t know what is true or false – if you feel it, it is true. By the Law of Attraction, it is true and it will come to you when the moment is right.

  5. Listen and hear more. Dream more (literally) and write my dreams down – clarity will hit you every day and the more you write and connect with what is relevant to you, the more clarity will come your way. I like the discipline of keeping my records up to date. It makes me feel that if I die tomorrow, I am up to date with everything in my life. I don’t leave anything undone or unsaid. I don’t have time for procrastination and I send messages to my friends, family, colleagues and followers on a regular basis so that they feel a little bit better every day. I am happy so I share happiness.

  6. I have stopped struggling and sacrificing – it only means that I am pushing against the currents of my destiny. I have become my best friend so I treat myself with love and respect. If I can’t do a full set of exercises, I do ten minutes. If I want to have chocolate, I do. I don’t drink but if I did, I would drink a glass of wine to enjoy with my dinner. Life is short. Don’t let anyone bully you into their small mindsets – you decide who you are and who you want to be.

  7. I have accepted “ease” as my new way forward. When I feel sad, down, depressed, heavy or out of sorts, I stop and raise my head to look at the horizon and the sun. Nature is always there. Nature doesn’t get depressed. When we reconnect with our “earth body”, we reactivate our biological energies – our chakras spin, the currents in our body circulate, everything wakes up… like a well-oiled machine, I shake off my cobwebs and I start again, and again, and again… Every morning is a new opportunity to start again.

  8. I have stopped trying to do things fast so that I can get them over with and get to my computer to “work” – instead. I focus on each activity as I do it and find a reason to be grateful and to love something around each task. The speed is not important. The date of completion is not important. It is not about the end but about the journey – everyone says this but what does it mean? It means that every moment is an end in itself and if you focus on completing each moment by giving it what life is asking of you, one thing at a time, the accumulation of happy, complete and successful moments will give you a successful journey, which will lead you to successful endings.

  9. I release resistance one step at a time to get into the “replenishing mode” (Abrahams Hicks’ term) so I don’t burn out and don’t age before my time. I have burnt out before and it is not a pretty sight. It gets you off track and it takes you a long time to recover properly. We push ourselves and end up broken. Then we have to find the way to mend ourselves, start again, learn the lessons and become wiser. It is not wasted time but if we don’t need to go there, why should we?

  10. I simplify my life by letting go of self-delusion – I am real about the things that are important to me, so anything that is not important to me has to go. I am walking light and I am happy, contented, fulfilled… like a child in a playground. I am tapping into a world of illusion and pulling it into my reality, and both are merging. I am up to speed with my destiny.

Before I adopted this mind-set, my reality was truly painful, excruciating. But little by little I shifted into joy and inspiration and now I am tapping into power and influence. I released my old thinking habits and I spend the majority of my time paying attention to my “reality” (or the manifestation of everything I have created so far) and “fine-tuning” my vibration into something that feels better.

My life has become a meditation in action.

By Dr Ana Garcia PhD, DTM

July’ 2020

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