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Book Review: “Liquid Light of Sex” By Barbara Hand Clow

Liquid Light

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Title: An explanation for slowing down ageing and an opportunity for natural rejuvenation

People ask me how old I am when they meet me and invariably, I say 47 and they ask “Did you say 37?” When I repeat my age they conclude that I have very good genes.

However, and besides having good genes for maybe skin and longevity, which runs on both sides of my family, I have another theory, which I couldn’t prove until I read “Liquid Light of Sex – Kundalini, Astrology and The Key Life Passages” from Barbara Hand Clow.

I have worked heavily at waking up since my divorce in 1996 and in this time, I have transitioned myself from a lost individual with failed relationships and a complete lack of vision for my future or even of my God-given gifts, to someone with an intensely burning fire in my heart to help people raise their consciousness and become empowered with their own natural light.

Barbara describes the passage of the Kundalini rising at a specific time in your birth chart according to the passage of specific planets in our constellation, and with this opportunity to awaken and take on our power, we also have the choice of not working with this amazing cleansing natural energy and simply start ageing… fast.

And this is what she says: “Our tired old people are imprisoned in pained bodies with Zeus as their medical doctor. The resolution of this dilemma lies in each person’s n growth as a healer, beyond being wounded or wounding others – gong beyond the body’s life as a limit on the essential self”. Which is in a nutshell what happened to me – my wounded healer was born.

“We cannot learn to heal others until we have healed ourselves, and so first we must be wounded, just as Chiron was poisoned in his left heel by an arrow” and “pain can be released only by acknowledging its presence and agreeing to discover its source and then release it”.

However: “At Chiron Return, we are prone to illness and bitterness if at Uranus Opposition we have not cleared our emotional bodies of anger and frustration over early wounding. But if we have had a successful resolution of a mid-life crisis, our bodies will have sufficient transformative kundalini energy to help us face the greater and deeper challenges of emotional clearing during our forties”.

Next time someone asks me my age again, I now have an answer: I worked with my kundalini in its spontaneous journey up my spine to clear my own limitations, old beliefs and patterns, and allowed myself the maiden voyage, just like the eagle does.

When it is 40 years old, the eagle goes up into the highest mountain alone, pulls out its talons, feathers and hits its peak against the rock until it falls off, because its claws are too hardened to hunt. Then, from this fortress of isolation and this position of vulnerability, it waits for it all to grow again. When it does, the eagle flies renewed and strengthened and with it, it gives itself another 40 years of rejuvenated life.

Our kundalini spontaneously rising is the human equivalent to the eagle’s maiden voyage. It is obviously inserted in our DNA blueprint in a kind of time-released capsule, in order to allow us for further evolution by means of buying us health, strength and wisdom for the second half of our human life. That is if we are prepared to dive into our pain and disclose the amazing wonders that surrendering to this liquid light of sex may catapult us into.

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