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Book Review: “The Path of Transformation” by Shakti Gawain

Path Transformation

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Title: A New Age compilation of ideas

We are all familiar with concepts such as change is necessary for growth, crisis are learning opportunities and taking responsibility for one’s thoughts and actions are necessary in order to drop a victim mentality and take on your own power, etc. At least in theory.

When it comes to the practice and it hurts inside, then this is another story…

This book is a compilation of the great majority of the New Age ideas. The transformation it refers to is that which happens inside when we become conscious of our journey. As Shakti Gawain puts it:“Consciousness growth is the process of becoming aware of things we were formerly unaware of”. And so it is that with this new clarity comes humility: the humility of realizing that we are such little specs in a massive universe.

Although being small doesn’t mean that we are insignificant: Shakti encourages us to find our inner teacher and develop our inner intuition in order to connect with an inner guidance that will help us with the integration of our 4 bodies, which will produce healing and hence, will make us powerful forces of transformation in the world at large.

I found this book basic but enlightening. Definitely what I needed when I started to read metaphysical and spiritual literature. Good enough to understand and grasp the concepts and ideas that allowed me to shift my thinking to that of self-healing and self-empowerment.

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