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Book Review: “The Personality Compass: A New Way to Understand People” By Diane Turner

Personality Compass

Title: A fun way to learn about yourself!

I study a lot of spiritual literature but I am always also interested in knowing what my personality or genetic inheritance has to do with everything else. Another piece in the big puzzle.

I bought this book because I was truly interested in the many charts and lists of detailed characteristics that it offers in respect North, South, East and West personalities. And it was fun to find out that indeed, it really worked!!

I was able to focus a lot of the things I do and think and align them with the positive aspects of my North personality, as well as work with the feeble and weaker parts that the book explained I had so that I could balance and in general terms, round-up my personality and character.

This book is light to read, fun to do, and you can work it with your friends and family. You can actually make a game out of it, but not for it you may come to the conclusion that its teachings are not deep!

If you want to know more about yourself, why you behave as you do, what is your relationship with other personality types, and you are in a playful mood, I recommend you this book!

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