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Book Review: “The Power of Intention” By Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Power of Intention

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Title: An important turn in my spiritual mid-point

When I read this book, I had already done quite a lot of spiritual work and had moved from the vibration of silent hopelessness to that of a more upbeat view of the world, a more positive mind-set, a more empowered personality and all in all, a more healed state of my energetic field.

But this book refocused my mind: it finished off what I had already started. By wrapping up the empowered consciousness that I had already developed, it helped me shift to the next level: dropping my ego one more notch and understanding that working towards the light, whether it was in a one-to-one situation or in a group scenario, at a local level or in a global capacity, was allowing me to cancel-out or neutralize the negativity of many individuals that were at a consciousness level of survival (root chakra), because the light is stronger than the darkness.

The understanding that a small percentage of light-workers could help the planet shift made me more resolved in my intent to become an “energetic or emotional trash-truck” – I would reintegrate all my toxic thoughts and emotions and would help my clients, friends and family do so as well, and the ripples would continue to do their work in a domino effect that would be well beyond my power and that I would release to do what it needed to.

My work already had sense before, but now I definitely approached the arrow and bow focus: the bow was my mind and the arrow was my intention, which would pierce the 3-dimensional heavy world in which we live in order to allow for the light to come through.

This book is clever and sharp, just like I like them! Fast and furious, devoid of sentimentality and the closest thing that I can think to Spiritual Business. I loved it!

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