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“Tales of a Modern Alchemist: Real Life Stories of Magic and Transmutation”

ISBN: 9798683082789 (Imprint: Independently published)

“We are living in a complex, some would say difficult times. Part of the difficulty of these times is that humans don’t surrender to clarity and vision. This is because this requires that we release control.

We understand control as our only way to survive when we feel fear: we hold tight to what we have or where we are in an attempt to diminish our anxiety, but this road doesn’t take us very far.

We know that change is necessary in every cycle in our lives, both big and small, but our tendency is to act chaotically when we feel a lack of control. This translates into feelings of anxiety, lethargy, depression, fear, frustration, anger… And even though these are natural e-motions (energy-in-motion) they do require to be channelled or re-directed in order for us to create positive outcomes.

“Tales of a Modern Alchemist” is a book born from the isolation of the Covid-19 virus lock-down. With these real and magical life stories, I intend to show the way that we can transmute all these fears into real-life positive actions in order to help us expand our view of the world and liberate our own-made prisons, once and for all”

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