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From my book "Attraction for Success" - Attraction Quiz

In order to find out where you are in the Attraction Scale, try the following quiz. Give a number from 1 to 5 to each one of the following questions (1 is absolutely not true for you and 5 is completely true for you). The column before is to be done at the beginning of this work. The column After is to be done after a certain period has passed, or when you feel you have achieved a certain level of improvement, or after finishing the book and the meditations in it. Note 1: Do not think the answers: simply give the number according to a feeling or intuition, not a thought! Note 2: Keep this form and use it as a compass every time you forget what effortlessness feels like! In the following lectures we will go through an explanation about the energy behind each one of the 10 items of this quiz. As you read through, you may want to refine your previous answers.


Attraction for Success - The Art of Effortless Living"


Book (Soft Cover): ISBN: 9781726800655

Book (Hard Cover): ISBN: 9798442266931

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