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From my book "Attraction for Success" - Misconception about the word Attraction

People are attracted to you because of the energy that you give out, not because you look or behave in a certain way. You can try to manipulate the world so that it sees you in a specific light, but the world will always see through you: your incongruences and self-deceptions, your delusion of being something or someone that you are not. The world is attracted to those who have the courage to be themselves.

The world wants to follow those who are an inspiring example of how to love, who stand for whom they already are, who expand beyond the limiting beliefs of their mind. The world wants the solid, safe feeling that comes from those who are no longer searching, because they have already found. The world wants to believe that we are all perfect as we are, that we have nothing to prove or achieve.

The world wants to feel and experience the power inside each person, since each one of us has an individual light that can potentially show the way to the rest. We have within ourselves the beauty and abundance that many so desperately look for outside of themselves, but can never find. So, in order to become attractive, we need to use effective action by following the intuitive prompts of our inner power or wisdom, inner guide, teacher or Higher Self.

Attraction requires strength and courage; it requires being detached from other peoples’ expectations of us. It requires healing the need for acceptance from others. It demands that we know where we belong and that we move through life without compromising our integrity. This solidity or congruence, this perception that others have about a person having it together, comes from strengthening our boundaries, healing our tolerations, and eliminating any energy drains…

And this is what makes an individual attractive.