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New book: “Practical Spirituality II – Learning to Succeed with Spirit”

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Real stories from Dr Ana’s life, written from a spiritual perspective and extracted from her books published on Amazon on the topics of metaphysics, spirituality, vibrational healing, energy, emotional intelligence, self-help, personal development, alchemy and strategies for success.

“Practical Spirituality II – Learning to Succeed with Spirit”

Book (Soft Cover – ISBN: 9781726734653)

“These stories are written as a means of inspiration for those who enjoy reading spiritually based literature. In them, I discuss advanced concepts of energy integration, evolution, personal power, and spiritual awareness, all framed within experiences in my life. Through them, I intend to give you different perspectives, a detached outlook, and my personal insights, to help you shift your view of your present reality, and realize that we always have a choice, and that it is this choice that makes the difference between a life of struggle, and a life of empowerment… Truly very liberating!”

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