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Recalling Your Dreams

From my book: “Etheric DNA: The Blueprint for the Healing of the Planet”

I trained myself many years ago to recall my dreams by writing them down as soon as I would wake up. This worked magically: today, I remember my dreams, the feelings, emotions, messages and I see myself consciously integrating those vibrations.

Why do I tell you this? Because Kryon says that “Dreams represent portions of thoughts and experience that is taking place in both higher / future and lower / past dimensional fields / time continua, entering into the present moment station of awareness”.

And when I read this, I became even more willing to work with Spirit via my dreams (and via any other tool available to me) because I find it utterly exciting and empowering that “The process of moving forward through time is the process of progressively accreting sound frequencies into your personal morphogenetic field. As you pass your consciousness through a now-moment point, it internalizes all contained within that manifest moment as a minute, digital electro-program made of frequency.”

Dreams, thoughts, energy, intention, action, words, sound, colour, crystals, vibration, frequencies… it is all connected. And not just connected among themselves, but connected to the collective consciousness. In fact, we are not separated from it and we pull it into our aware physical reality as we manifest the patterns from the morphogenetic fields that comprise the net or matrix of the universal pool of consciousness.

Extract from my Book “Etheric DNA: The Blueprint for the Healing of the Planet”

ISBN: 9781726770101 (Imprint: Independently published)

“The predatory way we are wiping out other species is both reflected in and partially caused by the obsession in our culture to accumulate wealth, often with no regard to that accumulation’s consequences to the ecosystem or to other humans. If taking the resources of other species is acceptable, why not take the resources of other humans, too?”

Harsh words by Thom Hartmann in “The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight”. It is clear that most of us have chosen to believe this to be the truth, the final truth. Some have decided to take what they can while they can, some have decided to throw all caution to the wind and live their lives as if there were no consequences to their actions. I, and I believe many others too, have decided to believe that there is hope and that there is a way to the healing of the planet. Maybe not an easy solution, but a solution nevertheless. And this solution involves healing at the deepest level: at DNA level, at cellular-regeneration level, at soul level”.

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