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Releasing the shackles from the past

Any student of metaphysics or spirituality will know by now that we have been moving into a zone in space that is a band of photon energy. Apparently, our star moves into that band for about 2,000 years every 11,000 years. The last time this happened was in Atlantis and the Earth is now completing a 24,000-26,000 year cycle in this photon belt.

As we move in and out of the photon belt, we experience moving between dimensions. Since 2012, we have been totally in the photon belt all the time! Here, the walls between the dimensions become increasingly thin or non-existent and time also shifts in our perception.

In my research, I found out that the atmosphere in the photon belt is compressed so everyone feels bloated. Also, the action of the photon belt has a significant effect on the pineal gland: our psychic energy increases and our DNA unlocks and decodes to reduce the shock of the transition.

Archetypally, when we are going through change and are in the process of releasing an outmoded pattern, at that time we don’t have any vision about what is to come (because it has not been formed yet) and this is the time when many people quit or back off: the fear and uncertainty are too great and they go back into their comfort zone, even though it is literally killing them!

This is why if we don’t let go of whatever is holding us back, we are in so much pain, emotional, spiritual or physical. We shrink. We stunt our growth. We become toxic.

One of the most difficult skills is letting go. Today more than ever we need to allow ourselves the exquisite feeling of releasing our shackles from past memories and events that hold us back to give ourselves the beautiful opportunity of a new beginning. The world needs it and so do we.

Extract from my book “The Liberation Diet: A System for Rejuvenation, Body Reshaping & Re-energizing”

ISBN: 9781726656207 (Imprint: Independently published)

“The Liberation Diet” is an account of my journey towards health and the changes that I had to make at mind-body-spirit levels in order to get there. I believe that diets don’t work if they are done in exclusion from emotional healing and spiritual direction: we need a complete mindset and a way of living, a philosophy and a life choice to evolve, grow and break our limiting patterns. I don’t believe we can do it only by food alone and I do believe that we are manipulated into dieting to maintain a thriving industry.

Despite our genetic heredity and the terrible habits that modern society has created, which mirror the disintegration of our psyches and our health, I maintain that we can do something about it, and it starts with each one of us: individual complete responsibility for our inner world.

Our diet is a direct result from our psyche, not the other way round: we eat what we are, and then we think that we are what we eat. But our bodies choose and guide us to specific foodstuff vibrationally to show us where we are out of adjustment. Forcing them to change without looking at the real reason why we are directed to eat as we do is not only unsustainable, but it is a violation of ourselves, a direct attack to our own self-worth.

“It is a complicated relationship: we expect food to do something for us that when it doesn’t, we feel confused or disappointed. We don’t feel nurtured but we have just eaten. How does this work? I was going to decipher this puzzle because honestly, eating shouldn’t be so complicated. Life shouldn’t be so complicated”.

This book is a liberation from diets and a diet of liberation. The process is one of evolution and of increased consciousness; it can’t be rushed and nobody can save you. As the conductor of your own energy system, you must decide at one time or another which instrument is playing out of tune and take the corresponding decision to do something about it. And it is definitely never too late to start!”

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