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Shifting Guilt

The 11/22/2020 was a day to change old rhythms and patterns.

11 is a Master Number. 22 is twice 11 and 2 represents balance. The year is 2020 – again, 22.

I used to see quite often a number plate with the numbers 01010101 before the lockdown. But now, I feel that we are entering a different binaural beat - aligning ourselves with the new rhythms of the earth: 12121212.

In particular, we should focus on the issue of guilt and shame, which is at the bottom of all ego / shadow / subconscious work. Both mean that we don’t feel we deserve happiness, joy, abundance or a good life in general. Perhaps being conditionally loved created a path of conditionally needing to show our worth by doing something, by creating manifestations that represented that worth.

But if we couldn’t create or produce anything that looked good, to us or others, we would feel that we “had” little worth and so we would pursue relentlessly the objective of demonstrating our value by working hard, as hard as we needed to… leaving little space for the Universe to work on our behalf.

We got it all backwards and now it is time to change this thinking: to take a moment to review the past and release the burdens imposed on us by the clan and society in which we were brought up.

The first thing you will notice is that your memories will begin to heal.

The second thing you will notice is a release of energy: an energy that was trapped holding the false patterns together so new gifts will begin to show.

This release and reconnection with yourself will show you your natural abilities that you may have forgotten.

This work will align you with a new vision, which will unravel possibilities, new and perhaps unexpected.

We cannot receive if we do not let go.

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