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The Language of Dreams

Language of Dreams

Today’s busy lifestyles make it very hard for people to find a moment to disengage from daily frantic activity and find some meditation or reconnection time, a time to regroup or reintegrate one’s energies.

However, Spirit has found the perfect solution to this problem: if it is efficiency you are after and since time is such a precious commodity, why not using your sleep as a tool to refocus and complement the growth you experience during your wake time?

I don’t know about you, but for a long time now my dreams have become epic battles; busy and exciting adventures where anything is possible.

It is not just that they are lively, to put it mildly. These are 3-D episodes, with the brightest of colours, vivid and memorable events, spoken in several languages, with feelings and emotions so intense and discussions so crystal clear that they feel more authentic than real life!

Even when I find myself patting a whale on the head or swimming deep into the sea with a polar bear alongside me, or when a shark jumps out of the water to make me aware of its presence (and hence deliver its symbolic message) I don’t feel that anything extraordinary is going on. It is obvious that the laws governing dream time have nothing in common with the laws of nature we are so familiar with in the wake time of our daily lives.

When the dreams are good, I feel sad to wake up. Especially when I have been flying or doing something exciting, out of the ordinary. But in those instances when the dreams are scary or challenging, it is great to wake up and feel the relief as the realisation sinks in that I don’t have to negotiate those incredibly difficult circumstances.

Normally, I can recall the whole dream. Sometimes, I wake up and fall asleep several times during the night, only to keep going back into the previous unfinished dream (something like dreaming in chapters) until I reach a conclusion. Other times, I only recall part of the dream: that part that seems to be important or carries the message in it.

Do you have a recurrent dream? Can you make sense of it?

People ask me about this and that dream. I always say: “Don’t look for the meaning in books. Tap into the spiritual language of your feelings – what did you feel? Then look at the context and check if you can find a relationship with any elements from your waking life. That will be your key and that’s where you will find your answer, usually hidden from your logical brain”.

Extract fro my book – “White Crane: The Path to Success of a Spiritual Traveller”

“Dr. Norma Milanovich in “We, The Arcturians” says that reconnecting to your mission or divine plan makes it impossible for fear to direct your life. Very few souls understand this and take the appropriate steps to rediscover their paths on the Earth plane: these are called heroes. Patricia Pereira in “Songs of Malantor” says that spiritually focused individuals are rapidly evolving and must accept their role of sky warriors or eagles of the new dawn to create a magnificent new society by holding the energy of hope in these despairing times. Finally, Ashayana Deane says in “Voyagers II” that compassion raises our vibratory field, which is the key to change destiny.

In the following pages you will find a real life account of a soul that heard the call and answered it; a soul that understood that there are ancient laws hidden under our current realities which, although different in the surface, show that the cycles of energy behind them keep repeating throughout time. White Crane shows us how to bring forth the message stored deeply in our DNA, in our cellular memory in order to assist the people of the Earth in the process of awakening. This is Spiritual Justice: the time has come for us to take our place”.

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