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Understanding Forgiveness

I had a kinesiology healing session a couple of days ago. I go once a month to allow my body to release the resistance that can prevent me from moving forward and reaching my current point of consciousness, and from then on. It is clear to me that the body has a mind of its own and that it wants to be heard.

Apparently, I had a genetically ingrained subconscious limiting belief in my mother's family line from 8 generations ago. The practitioner said 'we need to unlock it'. As I pressed key points into my skull, I felt two parallel currents of energy running through my kidneys, the organ that crystallizes ancestral and genetic fear.

Sometimes our limitations are not ours. Someone from an older generation did something that we now need to clarify. I suddenly understood that everything we consider 'bad' happens beforehand and with permission, and that 'bad' acts are simply acting out of alignment with the true love beings that we are, that our value never diminishes regardless of the drama and that when we see Beyond The Illusion, we can release the judgment. That awareness is forgiveness: an integration of a negatively labelled past experience, always necessary for our growth 🌼🌟

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