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Book review: “Kryon – The 12 Layers of DNA” By Lee Carroll, Elan Dubro-Cohen

Title:  The Stargate of the Future

When I read this book, I had already gone through a few of the Kryon’s series and they all had had the one and same effect in me: opening up my heart chakra and preparing me to move forward through compassion, dropping judgment and reviewing my life work.

This book, however, had a different effect on me. It gave me the understanding of why I feel that there is so much potential inside myself that has been untapped, and which I on-goingly, persistently, resiliently and relentlessly pursue. This understanding allowed me to breathe further into the future and provided me with a link to my daughter, one of the New Children, the future of the earth.

I understood why I am a bridge between the old energy and the new energy, between the old generations and the future ones. Having read Voyagers before this book, I put two and two together in order to understand that what I am doing all the time that I am focusing, researching, meditating, writing, coaching and healing is to accrue DNA strands in order to allow myself the Voyage to the new Earth: Tara, which is being birthed as we speak.

This book further opened up a channel of communication with Spirit in which I was instructed to open a new school based on the 12 Strand DNA multi-dimensional learning (what today’s children are capable of) rather than the 3-dimensional DNA learning that is (still!) currently being taught in the majority of schools.

I haven’t opened the school yet because I am missing some elements, but the vision is clear and the time will come when I am used for this important mission. All in Divine Time and Order… but I am gathering information all the time and I feel that the time is indeed becoming very near.

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